The PL4500 is equipped with hygiene enhancing properties and designed for comfort. The Coffee Fiber Padding and Silver Lining on the gaming chair provides excellent odor control and anti-bacterial properties, along with a wide range of adjustability that enhances gamers’ personal comfort, allowing you to relax for extended periods during your intense gaming sessions.

Package includes chair, pillow, lumbar support, and casters.

Note: RGB/LED Upgrade Kits sold separately.

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The PL4500’s employs patented technology in its built. Equipped with Coffee Fiber Padding and Silver Lining to maintain optimal level of hygiene, while at the same time providing long hours of comfortable gaming experience. 

  • RGB/LED Upgrade Kits sold separately.
  • Coffee Fiber Padding - The backrest and seat is padded with high quality Coffee Fiber, produced through a patented technology, enabling the material to exhibit unique properties including odor control, and quick drying for added hygiene and comfort.
  • Silver Lining - The PL4500’s embroidery is made out of silver thread. Silver interrupts bacteria’s ability to form chemical bonds critical to its survival, so when bacteria meets silver, it falls apart.
  • Adjustable Backrest – Features independent back angle option. An angle-adjustable backrest to help you adjust your sitting position throughout the course of your gaming experience (up to 140 degrees).
  • Adjustable Height – seat adjustability makes sure every type of users of different heights can adjust the chair to their unstressed posture. The chair provides a good range of height adjustability to ensure you are at the optimum angle in relation to your gaming station.
  • Adjustable 3D Armrests – Ergonomically designed to contour to the shape of the arm. The armrest swivels and adjusts in height to provide proper support to the forearm.
  • Tilting feature with adjustable resistance and locking system – Our adjustable tilt mechanism allows you to increase or decrease the tension by easily turning the knob to match your body weight. This allows you to rock comfortable, without heavy pushing, reducing muscle fatigue. In addition, the Racing Series P-Line can be locked into 4 different tilted positions, truly putting you in a drivers seat.
  • Extra accessories – Additional coffee fiber padding and silver lining memory foam neck support and lumbar support cushions are included.
  • Soft-glide Wheels – 65mm/2.5" caster is formulated for a quieter operation and greater resistance to foreign objects and debris
  • Auto-lock Casters(optional upgrade): The auto-lock casters automatically lock when you are seated upon your chair, keeping you from moving during play. Note: applying significant pressure to your chair while seated will still force the chair to budge, even with the wheels remaining locked.

Model: VG-PL4500

Colors: Black, Black / Red, Black / Green, Black /
Blue, Black / Purple, Black / White

Max Load: 180 kg / 400 lb

Materials: Steel (frame), High Density Foam, PVC Leather, Aluminum Alloy (base), Coffee Ground Fiber, Silver Linen

Package Dimension: 89 x 80 x 39 cm / 35 x 31.5 x 15 in

Overall height (incl. base): 1310 - 1375 mm / 51.6 - 54.1 in

Backrest Width (shoulder): 530 mm / 20.8 in

Backrest Width (lumbar): 545 mm / 21.5 in

Seat Width: 535 mm / 21 in

Seat Depth: 445 mm / 17.5 in

Net Weight: 30 kg / 66 lb

Gross Weight: 34.9 kg / 77 lb