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Racing Series

PL4500 RGB LED Upgrade Kit

The world’s first wirelessly-controlled RGB LED gaming chair with full-spectrum colors, audio sync, and integrative gaming mode.

Gaming Series

Triigger Line

The most ergonomic gaming chairs in the industry, crafted with premium materials for superior comfort and support.

Racing Series


Built for durability and superior adaptability.

Racing Series


Designed with extra space and long-lasting comfort.

ESports Team Chairs

We’ve formed long-term partnerships with the top teams in the Esports industry.

Premium Materials

Ultra Premium High Resiliency Foam

Our S-Line and P-Line chairs are crafted with ultra-premium high resiliency foam to conform to your body for superior comfort and never losing elasticity.

Product Feature

Effortless Single-Person Assembly

Our patent-pending technology makes it quick and easy to assemble the S-Line and P-Line chairs on your own, with hidden hardware and screws that creates a seamless look.

Vertagear News

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