Gaming Series

The Gaming Series is the most ergonomic product line of the Vertagear gaming chair family. The Triigger Line features over 275 and 350 individual components which are meticulously assembled together to construct the most ergonomic, flexible chair in the industry. From top-of-the-line material quality to groundbreaking features, the Triiggers boast the best in the industry in every category.

Triigger 275 & Triigger 350


Why Triigger?

Modern Formula One cars use paddle shifters for gear changing. It's the most convenient and efficient method and has been adapted by most exotic sports cars. Competitive gaming is no less intense compared to competitive racing, and gamers need the most convenient and efficient way to adjust their sitting positions for the ultimate comfort.

We assigned the top two most frequently adjusted functions to our armrests, which are the closest position to a gamer's hands. The control triggers are connected with a pulling mechanism utilizing high strength steal cables. Users can adjust seat height and tilt angle within 0.32 seconds, which is 8 times faster than normal chairs.


What Cable?

Our inspiration did not stop with Formula One cars. Like some of the most iconic bridges in the world, and often the longest suspension bridges, cables are the most important role in our lightening fast Triigger mechanism. We implemented industrial grade, steel braded cables (the same method utilized in suspension bridges) for all critical position adjustments.

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Gaming Series

Gaming series is the latest addition to Vertagear gaming chair product family. Featuring Triigger 275 and Triigger 350, this video demonstrates the complexity of the chairs. Hundreds of parts are meticulously assembled together to construct this astonishingly beautiful chair. So many thoughts have been put into the design and engineering process that most fastening hardware are completely out of sight.