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PL6000 Press Release

Los Angeles, California, February 15, 2016 – Vertagear, mostly known for their award winning Racing Series S-Line chairs, is pleased to announce the newest member to the series, the P-Line. With enhanced ergonomic feasters and support designated for our broader fans, the Racing Series P-Line is available in five different color combinations: Blue, Carbon Black, Green, Red, and White.


Racing Series P-Line

The P-Line PL6000 is designed for comfort and equipped with superior ergonomic features. Industrial strength and extra-large construction on padding and headrest provide extra support and durability. The P-Line is a great fit for users desiring more space. Made with perforated PVC leather, the chair has better airflow and cooling so gamers can now have a more refreshing gaming experience.

This line now offers a lot more features, such as:

-better stability thanks to a new heavy duty base frame;

-75mm diameter, soft glide PU(polyurethane) wheels;

-support up to 440 lbs;

-a new easy-to-reach tilt locking mechanism, allowing you to find and lock to the best tilted position for intense gaming or relaxing;

These features provide gamers the best comfort and support while maintaining a great racing style gaming experience.

About Us

Vertagear is committed to bring inspired design and innovative features to gaming products. We want to enrich gamers’ lifestyle with products expressed through experience, and offer a greater appreciation of gaming products through our design. When designing products, we are dedicated to craft new gaming product concepts, and we will not be held back by the standard description of “what is”, but “what should be”. Applying user experience helps us to design usable, useful, and desirable products.

Price and Availability

Available in most local retailers in Late February, 2016

Recommended retailed price are: VG-PL6000 Series - $439.99

Technical Specifications

For more information, please visit or email us at

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