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Watch the epic conclusion of the Vertagear Cup

Last week brought in the conclusion of our first full international tournament, the Vertagear Cup. No longer wanting to sit by the sidelines, we felt it was necessary to contribute back to the community that supports us. The results? Our proudest moment in the competitive gaming scene to date.

The Vertagear Cup was fully free to enter and completely open to all teams. We wanted to allow an avenue for both seasoned teams and raising stars to compete on the international stage. 

Watch live video from GameWard_Heroes on

A total of 39 unique teams participated in the Vertagear Cup, totally 195 players large. Lest there be any doubt, the competition was intense up until the very end. After weeks of brutal competition, 4 of the 39 teams remained: Begenius, Shame on You, AE Insecure, and Le Trefond. A huge surprise came through during the last rounds when Team Le Trefond took the 2nd place standing away from AE Insecure, which many expected to at least be in the top 2 but ended up having to settle for 3rd place.

With Begenius and Le Trefond remaining, expectations were up in the air as to who would take the championship. Le Trefond was in for a challenge however, as Begenius had already established its reputation as one of the best Heroes of the Storm teams in Europe.

After a tight final round, Begenius lived up to its namesake and took home the top spot, leaving little doubt in the minds of fans that the team has a strong stake in Heroes of the Storm. But it was a close race, with fans from both camps on the edge of their seats with a final score of 15 to 16, going to Begenius. If there was ever a finishing round that held viewers breaths, this was it.

Our tournament was put together with help from our friends at Razer and Gameward. Without their help, Vertagear Cup wouldn't have been possible. With the first Vertagear Cup now closed, we're working on making the next tournament even bigger. 

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