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A thought for mom

If there's one person in the world who gives us love from the deepest parts of the soul, that would be our mom. For some of us, our mom may not even be our biological mom. For some, our father's have played both the role of mom and dad, and for others, their adopted mom has played that role. There are those who have had their sisters play that role.

Whatever the case may be, our mom's sacrifice an unimaginable amount of time, effort, and care for us, devoting their whole self to the growth of each of us. No one gives as much of their body, mind, and soul as the person we call our mom's, and for that we owe them everything.

True story: my own mother is not a very good driver. In fact, she's pretty awful, and I've always thought that she shouldn't be behind the wheel of a car. But for all her flaws, she's been great at everything else.

Always the calm and collected soul, she teaches me with kindness. She never raises her voice, and has the patience of a rock. Sometimes this doesn't go over so well. She often reminds me of things that are beneficial for me but which I don't want to hear repeated again. We all know that it's difficult to nearly impossible to change someone from the outside in—so I often feel she's wasting her breath.

But she never feels that way. She marches on, day after day, preaching the same things.

Recently, my mom got into a car accident—not her fault—and now suffers from whiplash. She was hit behind at a red light from a person who was driving too fast, and texting on the phone. A terrible situation for anyone to be in. My mom now has back and neck aches, and sleeps uncomfortably at night, often waking up several times through the night due to pain.

Working for a gaming chair company, I figured what better way to help her than to find a chair that she can sit on that would lessen her aches. I've tried many. Unfortunately, all the Vertagear chairs are at the office, and I haven't yet given her a shot at the Triigger, but soon. She's tried firm, soft, and all sorts of chairs, but ended up feeling most comfortable on a dining room chair that keeps her upright. When you have this kind of injury, normal sitting positions that feel comfortable to us, may end up causing unbearable pain to a person suffering from an injury.

This made me realize that mom's run around a lot for us. They've probably been to the moon and back several times to care for us. The least we could do is make them comfortable.

If you're in search of an uncommon gift for mom this weekend, consider getting them something comfortable to sit down on. Whatever you end up choosing though, it's the thought that counts, and your mom will appreciate it.

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