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Step into the front lines with H1Z1: Fight for the Crown

If you love first person shooters, you'll want to take notice: Vertagear is proud to sponsor The CW, Twin Galaxies and Daybreak Games' H1Z1: Fight for the Crown tournament—the first official team-based tournament for the game.

H1Z1 is a sandbox massively multiplayer online game that's all about survival. A rural area of the US has become infested with a mutated variant of the H1N1 virus capable of infecting both people and animals. Naturally, they've now all turned into zombies and other worldly freaks of nature. Your mission: make it out alive.

With H1Z1: Fight for the Crown, you're pitted in a competition with your fellow teammates in a no holds bar fight of survival of the fittest—only one team will make it out alive, and only one team will walk away with a check for $180,000.

The prize pool is significant: we're talking $300,000 and gear.

No stranger to tournaments and community driven events, Vertagear is all in, fully supporting H1Z1: Fight for the Crown. Too bad as sponsors we're forbidden to participate and show off our FPS skills, but given the chance, we're pretty sure we would have walked away with the gold—no kidding. Alas, we're happy to be contributing to a tournament sure to produce some shocking results.

All major teams are in. You've got CLG, Cloud9, Echo Fox, Denial eSports, Luminosity, and more. We're rooting for Echo Fox of course. but of course, may the best team win.

Don't sit on the sidelines if you have a team of buddies that has the skills to compete though. You can apply here to get in on the tournament. H1Z1: Fight for the Crown is currently in open search for more teams, but not for much longer. If you've got the skills, don't miss out.

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