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PC Gamer: the best racing-style gaming chair

We can't say we were surprised, but we're honored to have been chosen as PC Gamer's best pick for its best racing-style gaming chair guide.

The folks at PC Gamer reached out to us some time ago, asking us if we'd like to submit our chairs for evaluation. They let us know too that we wouldn't be alone: they were going to get in chairs from everyone else. We weren't told how we'd be evaluated, only that it would take time to test. No doubt, PC Gamer had to get its staff to use our chairs over an extended period of time, with a mix of different body shapes and sizes.

The verdict? Vertagear took home top honors for our SL5000 Racing series chair. According to PC Gamer:

"The real key to the SL5000 is its build quality. Upon close inspection, you can tell that someone at the Vertagear factory has an eye for detail. Stitching is uniform and aligned, materials feel like they're straight out of a BMW or Lexus, and fit and finish are top notch."

Attention to detail, material quality, and manufacturing prowess are things we pride ourselves on. We couldn't have said it better:

"Vertagear's build quality is miles ahead—even the casters on the SL5000 have a high-quality feel to them and roll very smoothly."

We build products we want to use ourselves, and we're proud of the team for being vetted by PC Gamer. 

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