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Triigger Line Press Release


VERTAGEAR unleashes the first highly-anticipated product in its Gaming Series line.

Los Angeles, California, November 22, 2016 – Vertagear announces the release of the first in its highly anticipated Gaming Series—the TRIIGER high caliber gaming chair. With the achievements from the award winning Racing Series, ergonomics was the main approach during the research and design of the Gaming Series. The TRIIGGER 275 and TRIIGGER 350 will be the first two models available.


The TRIIGGER chairs feature an innovative way to adjust to your personal comfort and comes fitted with a clear-cut design. Inspired by one of mans’ fastest machines created, the Formula One Race Car, each chair is equipped with two adjustable paddles, which you can adjust the whole chair to your own personal preference with the tip of your fingers.

Additionally, with the focus on ergonomics and design, the finest mechanisms and materials are used. The powerhouse of the chair is within the Dual Spring Hub, which evenly distributes the pressure being applied to the chair. For sturdy reinforcement, the paddle systems are guided by steel cables and the whole chair sits on a superior aluminum alloy frame.

TRIIGGER 275 is made up of over 275 components. You can adjust the lumbar and back rest height to your comfort. The TRIIGGER 275 is available in Black, Blue, Red, and White. Additional features: Class 12.9 screws, real calfskin Leather, Holtron hub-less casters, reinforced DuPont TPEE mesh.

TRIIGGER 350 is manufactured with over 350 components. The lumbar support’s height and depth is easily adjusted on the chair. The complete frame of the chair is constructed with aluminum alloy. The TRIIGGER 350 is available in Black and Special Edition Red (alloy frame is coated with automotive paint and enhanced casters).


About Us

Vertagear is committed to bring inspired design and innovative features to gaming products. We want to enrich gamers’ lifestyle with products expressed through experience, and offer a greater appreciation of gaming products through our design. When designing products, we are dedicated to craft new gaming product concepts, and we will not be held back by the standard description of “what is”, but “what should be”. Applying user experience helps us to design usable, useful, and desirable products.

Price and Availability

Available in most retailers in December 2016

Recommended retail prices are: VG-TL275 Series – $599.99 / VG-TL350 Series – $699.99 / VG-TL350SE Series – $899.99

Warranty Information: 10 years limited warranty

Technical Specifications

For more information, please visit or email us at

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